Pulse MassagersIf you are looking for the most extensive website on the subject of Pulse Massagers than you have come to the right place. Here we look at the various types of pulse massagers that are on the market, and we give our own opinions on which ones seem to be the best. Pulse Massagers are used by many people to try to either relieve pain since the massager can be easily place on the skin and then the device can be turned on with the person being massaged without needing to move their arms around. You have the option of choosing to adjust either the intensity of the electrical pulse that is emitted or you can ask to adjust the frequency of the electrical pulse signals being sent.

Update Nov/2013: It has come to our recent attention that Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Units (NMES Units) which operate almost exactly like TENS Units might have some medical benefits for treating some life threatening disorders. It seems that these devices, which are also called E-Stim Devices (note that the term Estim refers to electrotherapy devices used for medical, rehabilitation, and sexual applications) might be effective in at least halting the onset of symptoms by certain types of Neuromuscular Disorders, specifically Multiple Sclerosis. For more information on the rehabilitation benefits of NMES Machines, refer to the PubMed article Neuromuscular electrical stimulation. An overview and its application in the treatment of sports injuries.

Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $35 w/ Free Shipping

Pulse Massager 1Description: This electronic pulse massager by Prospera was the first thing that I found when I did a search looking for the various types of pulse massagers that are out there. In general, it is the most reviewed product… Read more

Review (comparing PL-009 vs. PL-029): This 2nd review I did on the Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager is to compare the two main models sold by Prospera. There is the PL009 and the PL029. I would do a completely analysis and comparison between the older and newere models to see which one is more durable and more effective. In the end I would conclude on which one really more worth one’s money…. Read more

Prospera PL029 Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $45

PL029 Pulse MassagerDescription: First, in the box that comes with the massager it states that the PL029 is supposed to have 5 automatic modes or stimulation programs that you can use. There is also 8 selectable massage pulse styles. The last thing that they say this type of pain relief device that can be done is do something known as a “High Frequency H Stimulation” which is supposed to be able to… Read more

Review: I wanted to answer the main question of which of the electronic pulse massagers sold by Prospera is really better. Is it the PL009 vs PL029? I break down the product specifications and the reviews… Read more

XFT-320A Electrical Massager – Price: $29

Pulse Massager 2Description: This electronic pulse massager with the 4 pads included is slightly different from the one by Prospera because of its larger size and design. Overall it will do the same job of helping you relieve tension in the muscles and eleviate some muscle caused pain. This device seems to be used mainly for the neck as opposed to the extremities, although there is probably no danger of getting shocked… Read more

Review: I wanted to do a second review on the electrotherapy model of the XFT-320A Masssager. The reasons are because that the first XFT-320A Review had a few critical parts of it missing and I wanted to make sure that every single specification, problem, and issue with this model of therapeutic massager is completely covered so that you make the best… Read more

PM3030 Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device by Omron – Price: $35 w/ Free Shipping

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030Description: This device is slightly different in design from the other types of pulse massagers that are out there. While the theory of pulse massagers uses EMS, electrical muscle stimulation, this works on something else known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation which is also known as TENS. While the name is different, the way that the machine actually works… Read more

Review: I did a complete review on this model PM3030 by Omron because it has been rated to be among the best pain relief devices currently out there in the market along with laser therapy and infrared pain relief devices… Read more

Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulation Soft Touch HV-F158-E – Price: $35

Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulation Soft Touch HV-F158-EDescription: This is the review for the model known as the Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulation Soft Touch model part number HV-F158-E. Recently we have found out that the model of electrotherapy device which we and so many other marketers have been calling the Omron PM3030 Electrotherapy Device (which we had written a review about Here and Here) is actually not what we thought it was. It is made by the company Omron, which is a Japanese company which has been around for almost 80 years. We actually found the real name of the device from going onto the Omron-Healthcare.com website to the product page. which so many people have been… Read more

XFT-502 Electrical Massager – Price: $24 w/ Free Shipping for orders over $25

Pulse Massager 5Description: This electrical massager is similar in design as the XFT-320 model but it is not reviewed as much as either the pulse massager sold by Prospera or the XFT-310A. The good thing about this device is that it is so cheap, at just around $15. The same can be said… Read more

Review: These are among the best TENS units that are around, and they are especially good for muscle tension relief and lower back pain that is caused by muscle spasms or muscle knots. Note that the picture to the right is the XFT-502 sold by Gold Hand. We are going to see which of these three pulse massagers or TENS units is the best… Read more

The Mapleaf Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $27 w/ Free Shipping

Mapleaf Electronic Pulse MassagerDecription: Update – There hasn’t been updates on this particular model sold by MapLeaf. It might have been discontinued or just taken off of the online websites from being sold. This pulse massagers sold by Mapleaf has the same model as the ones sold by Prospera and truMedic. The design of all of their products look extremely similar so it is possible that all of these companies are just resellers of a product made from China. This model from the front is slightly different but not that different…. Read more


The ECOMGEAR Pulse Massager Pulse – Price: $13

Electric Pulse MassagersDescription: This is another pulse massager device out on the market. It seems to be one of the newer kinds that has come out. Like most of the other pulse massagers, it works on 2 AAA batteries, and is also portable. However because it is run on batteries, it is just not as strong as some people would like it, since there is only 3 volts being applied. The idea with this pulse massager is to focus on the acupuncture points of the body… Read more

Mini Masseuse Pro Series Personal Massager – Price: $37 w/ Free Shipping

Mini Masseuse Pro Series Hands Free Personal MassagerDescription: This is an improvement on the older, standard model which had only 4 modes available. The user is supposed to be able to change from one mode to the other instantly using the buttons. The idea is that this machine is supposed to do what professional physical therapists, sports trainers and chiropractors are supposed to do. The kneading, cupping, and stroking is supposed to be just as good as when a person goes to a real physical therapist who will guide and assist the person through the various exercises for rehabilitation. I personally looked over the specifiations and claims and don’t believe that the model can be anywhere close as good as what you would get at the medical professional’s office. The first thing is that this model is not that strong. The devices that you would find at the physical therapist’s office are much stronger – Read more

 The HealthmateForever model Plus-6AB Physiotherapy Device – Price: $150

Acupuncture MassagerDescription: This device is technically called a physiotherapy device but from the way that it is supposed to help relieve and decrease pain, it is a pulse massager. Like other pulse massagers the main controller is linked to pads which send a specific type of electrical signal, usually in a certain pattern to make pain in muscle areas go away. This device is seem to be one of the newer models designed and sold by USA based Healthmate… Read more

Electro-Acupressure Stimulator – Price: $29

Electro-Acupressure StimulatorDescription: This electrical pulse massager is a slightly different design than most other massagers we find in the market. Where most pulse massagers have just the central controller attached to either 2 or 4 cords hooked to electrode pads, this device does not use the cord to electrode pad design. Instead it resembles most other handheld or personal massagers. It is similar in shape to what you might expect of a electronic razor… Read more

Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager – Price: $18

Massera Sonik Electro Stimulation Massage TherapyDescription: The ability of this device to mimic the nerve signals of the body doesn’t really mean much. Based on physiological principles, all muscle movement in the body is based on electrical signals. What they are actually saying is that when the pads are stuck on, and the device is turned on, you will notice that the muscles seem to be twitching or moving automatically… Read more

Professional Electronic Pulse Acupuncture Massager by Aukewel – Price: $90

Professional Electronic Pulse Acupuncture MassagerDescription: From looking at the main device it does look very advanced with multiple buttons and ways to control the electrodes attached. The claim made by the seller is that it is supposed to be the most advanced electronic massager there is. It does use a dual channel of electrical stimulation which is much better … Read more


Milex Pain Relief Massager – Price: $28

Milex LCD Handheld Pain Relief MassagerDescription: The Milex Handheld Pain Relief Massager is another type of pulse massager that is being sold, and it seems that this handheld pain relief device may have been featured on TV, probably on an infomercial. The 6 main areas of the body it is supposed to work on are…There seems to be at least 4 different automatic programs used for each different area of the body. There are specific types of programs that were pre-programmed for the arms, shoulders, waist, and back. This indicates that the original designers really were careful in getting the applications of the device specified very clearly… Read more

The HealthmateForever Model Pro-8AB Therapeutic Electrotherapy Massager – Price: $180

Pro-8ab electrotherapy deviceDescription: This device is a TENS device so it should be able to do only 1 of them, which is to alleviate pain. The electrical signal can stimulate the nerve endings in an area to become less sensitive to pain signals. As for increasing blood flow and circulation as well as remove substances that can cause inflammation… Read more


The HealthmateForever model Pro-8IS Electrotherapy Massager – Price: $150

Pro-8IS electrotherapy massagerDescription: HealthmateForever has multiple models of electronic pulse massagers and the Model Pro-8IS is one of them. The model has the same specs as the model Pro-8AB. There is the 8 main modes or preprogrammed massager programs you can choose from. You can adjust the intensity from a range of 0 to 20 intensity levels… Read more


The HealthmateForever Model Plus-6AB Physiotherapy Device – Price: $150

HealthmateForever Plus-6ABDescription: The major difference between the other models is that there is only 6 main modes to choose from, while the others had 8 modes. Unlike the Pro-8IS it had two outputs, which means that the signal strength or speed for one pair of electrodes can be different from the other pair of electrode pads. You can also have the option of changing… Read more

HealthmateForever Plus-6IS Physiotherapy Massager – Price: $140

HealthmateForever Plus-6IS physiotherapy massagerDescription: The HealthmateForever Plus-6IS is another of the electronic pulse massager models that is sold. Like the Plus-6AB, it has 6 main modes, and that may be the reason why both of these models which have 6 modes have the number ’6′ in them. The models with the number ’8′ in them have 8 modes. However there are some… Read more

HealthmateForever Impulse Massager Pro – Price: $60

HealthmateForever impulse massager ProDescription: This model of pulse massager which is also called an electrotherapy device sold by HealthmateForever is another model which is just termed Pro. It is very similar to all of the other models like the Plus-6AB, and Plus-6IS. What is most interesting is that there is 6 main modes but it is called a Pro. The other Pro models had 8 modes and they were called pro, which we thought stood for professional. We thought that the ones with 6 modes were called the “plus” models… Read more

The 2013 HealthmateForever 12 Mode Electrotherapy Massager – Price: $200 w/ Free Shipping

HealthmateForever 12 Mode Digital Electrotherapy MassagerDescription: From just looking at the device without ever even looking at the specifications for this model, there is a few things that jump out at you immediately This model is bigger than the others, with a larger LCD Screen. You can just see the clear difference between this TENS model and the other types that we have seen before…We present the picture of the other models by the same company, thePro-8AB and the Plus-6AB, respectively from left to right… Read more

IQ Massager Pro – Price: $93

IQ MassagerDescription: The IQ Massager Pro is one of the models of TENS Units which have been getting really popular in recent months and we are personally not sure why they have been getting so much exposure. What we do know is that there are people who want to get these specific mini pulse massagers, this model as well as the sister model, the IQ Massager Pro 2. We wanted to be completely objective in our analysis and review of both of these pulse massager models to show which one is the better option, if a person was to choose between the two models of electrotherapy device… Read more

IQ Massager Pro 2 II – Price: $45

IQ Massager Pro 2Description: The IQ Massager Pro 2 or Pro II is the other model of mini pulse massagers sold by the company that seems to be getting quite a few reviews. In terms of the design and the specifications, they seem to be very similar as the other model, which is just called Pro. We could assume that because of the name this model is… Read more

Echo Massager – Price: $200

Echo MassagerDescription: The echo massager is a model of mini electronic pulse massager sold by the company or distributor Envision. This model is different from the model Echo Massager Pro. The main difference is that while this Echo Massager models has only 1 channel, and connects to just 2 massage electrode pads, the Echo Massager Pro has two channels… Read more

Echo Massager Pro – Price: $250

Echo Massager ProDescription: The main difference between model which is the Pro and the other one is that the echo massager has only a single channel or single output and this Massager Pro model is dual channel, which means that there is two outputs coming out of the electrotherapeutic device which connects to 4 electrode pads. Like other pulse masssagers, the dual channel is for setting different intensities… Read more

Hi-Dow XP Micro Physical Therapy Massager – Price: N/A

Hi-Dow AcuXP Micro Physical Therapy MassagerDescription: The Hi-Dow XP Micro Massager is another micro electronic pulse massager on sale currently. It is priced at $120 but I would guess that the price will be eventually reduced. This model is much more different than most of the other models we have seen so far, from the Plus and Pro models by HealthmateForever, the IQ Massagers… Read more

Hi-Dow XPO Massager – Price: $170

Hi-Dow XPO ReviewDescription: The Hidow XPO Massager is one of the only pulse massager models that we have seen so far which is not found either from the Amazon or the Overstock website. This means for us that there have not been many people who have reviewed the product after they bought it. However, that doesn’t mean that this model is not popular… Read more

PCH Mini Massager – Price: $24

PCH Mini MassagerDescription: The PCH Mini Massager is another one of those electronic mini pulse massagers similar to the Echo Massager and the IQ Massager Pro. From looking at the design of it, the model can just be another cheap, low quality medical product made in China and sold at high prices to try to trick people who are in serious pain and looking for relief. The companies … Read more or Check out the 2nd full review Here!

Beurer TENS Device – Price: $56 w/ Free Shipping

Beurer TENS deviceDescription: The TENS unit called the Beurere TENS device is more than just the average electrotherapy device therapeutic massager. It is a combination of a belt and a massager into one. Where most other electronic pulse massager models have you attach the electrodes of the device on your skin individually, all you have to do with this TENS unit is to wrap the tens device around your waist, and it will stimulate the muscles around… Read more

Rebound Health Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device – Price: $45

Rebound Health Electrotherapy Pain Relief DeviceDescription: This product is labeled an Electrotherapy Device on the product page of Amazon which is sold by the company Rebound Health but it is actually a TENS Unit. Electrotherapy device are a type of TENS (Trans cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) pain relief device. We call it an electronic pulse massager… Read more

Zewa Spabuddy Sport TENS Pain Therapy – Price: $67 w/ Free Shipping

Zewa Spabuddy Sport Tens Pain TherapyDescription: This is another one of those models of TENS unit which we call a pulse massager which we have not seen before. Many of our previous reviews were on products which had upgraded versions of each other. The Pro-8ABPro-8IS, or Plus-6AB were examples of how one company or seller could sell extremely similar electronic pulse massagers… Read more

TOP Tens Unit Pain Relief System – Price: $51

TOP Tens Unit Pain Relief SystemDescription: The device is actually named TOP TENS Unit. The company that made the device is Roscoe Medical which means that the seller is the one named Current Solutions. This product is slightly different from the others. The look and feel of it is unique, and the fact that this is a bundled product where you get not just 1 set of 2 pairs of electrode pads, but 20 pads makes it one of the most… Read more

Aurawave Pain Relief Device – Price: $113 w/ Free Shipping

Endurance Therapeutics AurawaveDescription: The aurawave is one of the most interesting, unique models of electronic pulse massagers I have seen so far, because it seems to stand alone among the other models of pulse massagers out there. Unlike other companies or sellers of electrotherapy devices, the Aurawave seems to not have any type of sister model which is sold by the company Endurance Therapeutics. However, the device is reviewed extremely well, and is somewhat reasonable in price, compared to the mini massagers… Read more

Smart Relief Electric Pulse Massager – Price: $40

Smart Relief Electric Pulse MassagerDescription: The problem is that the device seems to be no longer available on the Groupon website. However, we can tell anyone who is interested that we know that the exact model is actually available in other places. The thing is that this exact type goes by other names. We have been in the massagers and TENS Units industry to know that often these unique neuro-electrical stimulation device are made in certain China factories, shipped to middle men, who resell the devices under their company’s name. There is another supplier of this model called HealthmateForever Pro-8AB. – Read more

Smart Relief Ultimate Massager – Price: $349

Smart Relief Ultimate Combo MassagerDescription: We only recently found out about this particular model that seems to be very popular this holiday season. A lot of people have been trying to find the model by Smart Relief called the Smart Relief Electric Pulse Massager. The product seems to be not just any massager, but an entire kit. The entire kit was originally available on Groupon for a huge 90% discount before the deal was discontinued. However there are online places like on Amazon which is selling just the unit, without all of the extra accessories. The unit is called the Smart Relief Ultimate Massager – Read more

Smart Relief Ultimate Combo – Price: $459

Smart Relief Ultimate ComboDescription: The Smart Relief Ultimate Combo which is offered both on the website and Groupon has more than just the massage unit. That is why it is called a combo. You get with it the smart relief acupressure shoes, the smart relief massage ear clips, the AC Adapter, two pairs of electrodes (small pair and large pair), the connector wires, and the manual. This device seems to be really hard to come by currently and we only found one copy of the Ultimate Combo on Amazon and that was sold very quickly. We are afraid that there might be no more places where you can get the combo – Read more

These special massagers that send electrical signals into the body use either TENS technology or EMS technology. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Some sellers of either of the devices might say that a device can do both the TENS and the EMS but one must be careful in knowing the difference between the two different types of electronic pulse massagers. EMS massagers work on stimulating the muscles for muscle tension relief while TENS massagers work on the principle that the electrical signal will stimulate the nerves below the skin.

The other main type of massager that also uses electrical signals to relieve pain is known as acupuncture massagers, which uses a metal tip that is sending pulsed electrical signals to find the exact acupuncture or acupressure point on the body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory based on the Chi Meridians.

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